My Promise to You: Fast Relief of Pain.  No dangerous medications or therapy treatments which don't work!

Dr April Kosinski


Meet Dr. April

Dr. April Kosinski provides chiropractic care with clinical excellence, in Woburn.  She is here to help.


Don't take our word for it, hear what our patients have to say.  Our goal is top notch chiropractic care.

What Is Chiropractic

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Are You Even A Candidate For Chiropractic Care?

  • If you have Back pain, Neck pain, Headaches, or numbness and tingling in your arms or legs, then more than likely you are a candidate for chiropractic care.  
  • Our success rate is much higher for those specific conditions than any other health care profession. 
  • Don't assume because you have seen other doctors for your condition with no success that there is nothing you can do.
  • The majority of cases that come to our office have been to multiple other MD's, physical therapists and even other Chiropractors.   You haven't "tried everything" until you come and see us!.  


3 Steps To Get You Well

And stay that way!

A Thorough Evaluation

We use the latest technologies but also use good old fashioned listening skills, sprinkled with common sense.  We want to hear what you have to say and what your health goals so we can help you the way you want to be helped.

Gentle Effective Treatment

Our treatment protocol is very gentle and highly effective.  We have been using this method for 12 years and have been able to get great results well above industry standards.


Home Rehab

We give you optional easy stretches and exercises to do at home when you are done with your treatments.  The purpose is is to increase strength and flexibility and to prevent future problems.


For coming to our office for Chiropractic treatment.

  • Computerized Spinal analysis

    You will receive a computerized spinal analysis so you can see exactly where the problem(s) are.  Now the mystery is gone and you know exactly what needs to be treated. 

  • Affordable Care

    It will not cost you a small fortune to get better.  Now, you can get well without screwing up your finances.

  • Treatments Are Quick and Easy

    It will allow you to get well while still having time for all your other life commitments.  You feel excited that you can take care of yourself without putting a burden on your job or loved ones.

  • You Will Get Fast Results

    You can quickly get relief from the pain that you have been having and get back to the activities that you used to do.  That will make you feel whole again and young at heart.

  • You Can Stop Taking Pain Medications

    You won't need to take pain killers anymore.   This will give you some relief from worrying about the dangers of medication.

  • You Will Improve In Both Feeling and Function

    You will feel better and move easier.  Now you won't feel limited in your daily activities.  You will feel like your health is improving and not that you are getting "old" too quick.

You may be thinking...

Why Should I Come To Your Office?

PTC Pain Relief Method

Is a completely unique method of chiropractic treatment that we have been using successfully for over 12 years and 89,700 patient visits.  If you want to get well, use Chiropractic care.  If you want to get well faster, use our brand of chiropractic care!

Personalized Treatment Plan

Not everybody has the same goals when it comes to their healthcare.  

We appreciate that fact and make it easy for you to decide what you want to do.  There is no pressure to do anything you don’t want.  Your health goal becomes our health goal!

Our Core Values


our core values precede every decision we make in our practice.  

As an example our brand promise is: “To deliver the best health care experience anywhere in the world by treating you like you are part of our family.” To see the rest of them CLICK HERE

Our Family Looks Forward To Meeting You!

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Grasshopper Chiropractic is a wellness practice.  This means that we will help you REGAIN your health and then show you how to maintain it for the rest of your life.  Our goal is to get your body to live up to 100% of its potential.  We want you to live a life that is not just pain free but full of energy, vitality, and joy!