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Chiropractor Woburn MA April Kosinski

Chiropractor & Owner

April Kosinski, D.C.

Dr. April Kosinski, D.C. graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 2006 and has owned and operated her chiropractic family practice for 15 years. Her mission is to deliver life-changing healthcare.

Dr. April has had over 100,000 patient visits in her career. She has extensive training and specializes in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care. Dr. April is certified in the Webster Technique, and also a certified pediatric SOT Practitioner.

Her passion is to help moms grow healthy babies. She wants to help moms have a peaceful pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery.

Dr. April loves everything about the entire birthing process from conception, pregnancy, labor, and delivery, through healing and bonding. She is a certified labor & delivery doula and childbirth educator. Among extensive training in pediatric and prenatal chiropractic care, Dr. April has advanced studies in nutrition, functional medicine, and therapeutic essential oils. She looks at the body as an entire integrated system. She then helps that system function at its best.

Aside from caring for her patients in her chiropractic practice, Dr. April is involved in many chiropractic organizations, local businesses, and mom support groups. The Woburn Chamber of Commerce, WOW (Women of Woburn), MACP (Massachusetts Alliance For Chiropractic Philosophy), MCS (Massachusetts Chiropractic Society), ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association).

She is certified in NRT (Nutrition Response Testing), a certified Prodoula Doula, a certified therapeutic oil specialist & volunteers at her community church.

She is married, a mother of 3, and enjoys time with her family, yoga, bike rides along the Charles River, going to the beach, and helping others through her non-profit the Boston Burrito Foundation.

Chiropractor Woburn MA Trinh Dinh


Dr. Trinh Dinh, D.C.

Dr. Trinh Dinh (pronounced Dr. "Ching Ding") received her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University (GA), the largest chiropractic school in the world with a background in Biology and General Science that allow her to have a deep understanding of the mechanism and connection between brain and body through the nervous system.

As a child, Dr. Trinh was restricted from lots of her daily activities after 2 MVAs when she was 5 and 7. She went through 2 surgeries to get her blood clots removed from her skull and was on lots of medications to manage her symptoms, especially headaches and migraines. She never had a day without a headache until she got her first chiropractic adjustments in 2014. She has been free from her medications since then.

Misalignment is a small thing when it first arrives, however it develops into a big thing affecting all ages, and all stages of life if left uncorrected. It is Dr. Trinh's mission to deliver the best of chiropractic to her patients so that they can regain and maintain their optimal health freedom and self-reliance to enjoy the simple things in life as she does, such as cooking, gardening, hanging out with friends and messing up with her cats - Ms. Bacon & Mr. Gangster.

Dr. Trinh specializes in a variety of techniques such as Thompson, Diversified, Activator, etc. to serve as many people as she can.

"To me, Chiropractic is not only a conservative healthcare profession but also a life-changing helping miracle. I am dedicated to help you find your own miracles to share with the world. You were born a miracle and you will always be one, especially to us at Grasshopper Chiropractic."


Chiropractic Assistant

Sarah Nathanson, C.A.

Chiropractic Woburn MA Mandy Butler

Office Manager

Mandy Butler

Mandy was born and raised in Boston, MA. She studied at Boston Baptist College where she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies and a minor in Biblical Counseling in 2019. Mandy has learned how to love and care for people through their pain and support them in their journey towards healing.

Mandy strives to make patient experiences at Grasshopper Chiropractic remarkable by welcoming guests in with a warm smile & checking in and out hassle-free. Mandy is also a patient of Grasshopper Chiropractic and can tell you firsthand what chiropractic care is like.

Prior to her start at Grasshopper, Mandy did not understand the benefits of chiropractic care and was honestly quite scared of getting 'cracked'. When she began receiving care, Mandy was amazed at the changes she has seen in her own health and mental well-being.

Mandy enjoys working with kids. Our parents love when Mandy is around as she is talented at holding babies, playing with kids, and making them feel at home while their parents get adjusted. Your day will be brightened with her artwork on the whiteboard in the Kids Zone! (Only if you're lucky enough to catch it)

Outside of the office, Mandy enjoys traveling, participating in her local church, and spending time with her family & friends.


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